A brief History…

Some of you know me already. Starting back in the early nineties, I worked for Banagan’s Cyclery in their Manchester store, on South Willow Street. I was learning the ways of the jedi at this store, my first hands-on job as both mechanic and sales. I was fortunate enough to be there at a time when the five person crew was one of the best around.

After a couple of years there, I moved about an hour away. You don’t make a lot of money at most shops, so the extra commute was a financial burden, so I briefly left the industry and got a “real job”. Later this would benefit me in the ownership, and management areas. I ran inventory control for a multi-million dollar company. Later I was told I had brought the company to its most organized state in over twenty-five years.

I also Bartended for a while, and held a job at Gold’s Gym. I’ve always had great work ethic, but the middle management at the inventory job was wearing thin. I did not enjoy the fact that people above me were taking pay, and credit for the achievements I was making. Not to mention, I had no idea who “really” was the boss of that company, and I’m sure he did not know me. I finally left all three jobs in one week. This was November. Not the best time to leave all your income on a whim.

I applied at Nault’s Cyclery in Nashua, NH. To my surprise I was hired in the winter months. Fortunately for me this was my second bike shop experience with a stellar crew. I worked up to Service Manager, then full on Manager in the period of five years. Those of you that shopped at Nault’s back in those days know how great a shop can feel. I still miss it. The shop was sold without the crew really knowing, and we were sold with it. Sold to someone who didn’t quite understand the demographic, and slowly flushed a great bicycle store down the drain. I jumped ship, and went to Goodale’s Bike Shop in Nashua, NH. There I ran their service department. This was my “large” bicycle shop experience. The volume of bicycles was amazing. They are a very large shop, one of the top ten in North America. However, I missed the feel of the small town shop. The, “Cheers”, if you will, atmosphere. That brought me to my last venture of Service Manager of Souhegan Cycleworks in Milford, NH. The owner of Souhegan used to have his bikes serviced by me at Nault’s. It’s a small world.

Now, I am finally making my move. I appreciate the time spent at all these stores. When you weigh the good with the bad, you come up with invaluable education either way. I’d like to thank all that have had faith in me over the years, all the customers, employers, and employees I have worked with. You’ve all heard me talk the talk. Now I’m walking the walk.